Starting out with a Blob…

The blob Outdoor Activity

Starting out with a Blob…

It all started in spring 2018, with a friend asking if I could do anything with one of the worlds biggest blobs. After being shown some footage of what this thing could do, I decided to take it off his hands and see if I could make an activity out of it.

The first thing was to make a list of what to do

– Get the blob insured.
– Write a risk assessment and method of operating the blob.
– Speak to insurers again.
– Find a location to run the blob.
– Get equipment to run the blob.
– Practice running the blob.
– Marketing????

Our first day as Bearded men adventures on Llyn Gwynant firing people off the Blob

Once I made a list, I kept ticking off jobs I’d completed and added new jobs to the list until it was the big blob day!

The first day was a whirlwind! Starting at 5am and getting off the water at 8:30pm. A long day, but however, it was a SUCCESS!! Not so much financially, as we may have outpriced our selves and only managed two paying customers, this did not deter us. In the afternoon, we got our salesman Fletch to put the word out that the Blob was free in the afternoon, and sure enough we had three groups sign up. This was a win just because we caused interest and excitement which brought the crowds. Sure enough the next day we had customers paying including a few return blobbers from the Saturday.

Over the next four weekends, we preserved through low numbers, high winds and stormy weather and had the blob operating every Saturday and Sunday. After the four weekends of small amounts of participants, we had to stop running it as an open event as financially we couldn’t work it the way we hoped. Even though we were disappointed that it didn’t succeed there where so many positives to take from what we had made so far. We realised;

– we had our first activity insured and able to run.

– we had created a name for Bearded men adventure on Facebook and Instagram.

– we had people inquiring for stag weekends.

– we had the start of business with identity, a brand and the knowledge we could run great activities in North Wales.

So starting out with a blob ended up giving us the confidence and all we needed to start our adventurous stag and hen do business. Lesson learnt to go for it what’s the worse that can happen.

Our leaflet form the summer of 2018.

Whisky, canoe and wild camping

Whisky, canoe and wild camping

Sun setting on the final day at Loch Tay

4-day wilderness canoe adventure, paddle on the waters of either Loch Shiel, Loch Tay and Loch Awe. This canoeing adventure gives you wild and exhilarating days on the Loch, wild camping in stunning highland locations, eating great food and exploring some of Scotlands best distillery’s.

Day 1

After first meeting at the pickup point we will start the adventure with a visit to a local distillery, here we will take a tour a try a few drams. The next stop is the entry point for our canoes; we will first organise the equipment, pack the boats ready for departure. First days paddle to camp will be a short one focusing on getting used to tandem canoeing. The evening will be spent setting up camp, lighting the fire and cooking & eating dinner, with the usual evening activities of exploring the local area, sharing stories and sipping whisky to see us through the night.

The team at Tullibardine Distillery whilst on one of our recon missions

Day 2

The morning start is consists of cooking breakfast, drinking coffee and breaking camping ready for the next leg of our journey. The day will be spent on the lake exploring and developing your canoe skills and techniques from paddle strokes, trim, sailing and navigation. Throughout the day will stop to explore the lakeside, try catching fish and generally see what the weather has in store for us. Once camp we will go through a similar routine as the first night, with the addition of learning to clean and cook fish over the fire. Each night there will be workshops on bush and survival skills with activities to play with throughout the evenings.

The boys on the lake making our way to camp.

Day 3

The third day will be much like the previous, giving you a chance to lose yourself in the wilderness and have a full on an adventure with your friends. You will have time to hone your skills on the water, and while at camp, feeding on the years of experience our staff have gained to guide and teach you all the way.

Day 4

The last day you be left sad to be heading home however likely looking forward to a shower. Once we have broken camp, we aim to be back at the start point driving away by noon. You then have the option of heading to another local distillery to pick up a souvenir, and even spending one last night in a local tavern sharing stories of your trip and dancing the night away to a local Kaley. However, heading home is always an option you decide.

Preparing the stew for the evenings meal