Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries

We have taken people from the age of 8 to 80, our oldest client was 81. This is down to fitness, confidence and activity choice.

For White Water rafting we have freelance photographers who take photos and who you deal with directly. For every other activity it is up to the instructors discretion. 

Yes, we offer 10% discount for blue light holders. 

Open all year round, with peak season between March -October when everything runs 7 days a week, twice a day. Winter activities run on weekends, and closed during Christmas and New Year.

10% Discount applied to the second activity when both are booked with us directly at the same time.

Activities run rain or shine, wind or snow. We recommend dresasing appropriately for each axctivity. (Rain doesn’t stop activities) Please see our Terms & Conditions.

Weather activity depending; White Water Rafting/ Tubing/ Canyon- High water due to consistent heavy rain over a couple of days. Aqueduct Canoe Tours- High winds anything from 40 mph gusts. Coasteering – High winds causing big swells.

There are regular-ish buses from Wrexham to Llangollen. Please see our ‘How To Find Us’ Video here: Finding BMA – YouTube 

Alternatively, please see the bus timetables here: Arriva 5/5c or TrawsCymru T3

As per the Terms & Conditions; For large/group bookings we can process payment through Invoice. 20% non refundable deposit required to secure booking, 6 weeks prior to event final payment is due to secure activity.

Our timeframes for cancellations & rebooking is uaually 14 days before activity. Cancellation policy. Refund policy.

Aqueduct Canoe Tours

The weight restrictions limitations are based on our safety equipment sizes. Please contact us for more information on this.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Please bring suitable clothing. 

Any children under 8 years old will require 2 adults to accompany them in the canoe.

Your dog is more than welcome to join us on your journey during your Aqueduct Canoe Tour.  We often have dogs join us for the journey, and there is also a towpath along the whole journey if you need to walk at any point.  Your dog doesn’t require a lifejacket (though if you have one and wish to use it then we will leave this down to you).

Must read small print…The small print we are required to inform you of is that your dog is your responsibility for the duration of the journey, and we accept no responsibility for any harm or loss of life of your pooch.  (I know this comes across quite blunt, we just need to share this with you).
We do recommend that you use a lead on your dog whilst travelling across the aqueduct, though we also leave this as your decision as you know your dog better than we do.  There may be other dogs in other canoes during the journey, so please be aware of this added dynamic for your dog and the interaction.  If our Instructor feels that any dog is a threat to any customer or member of the public they have the right and responsibility to remove the dog and owner from the session, which will result in a forfeit of the session without a refund.

Dogs do not require life jackets… this is your own preference/responsibility.

Our canoes are 2 person open style Canadian canoes. We do have a limited number of 3 person canoes.

Bus stop on A5 near meeting location

For our Private Sessions we can accommodate 30+ individuals, when booking for large groups on ACT (or a bespoke Canoe Tour) it is advised to book in advance.


ACT is a guided tour session aimed as an introduction into canoeing, whilst being able to take in the views of the dee valley. Every session involves a 20 minute introduction and safety talk/demonstration.

Canoes are recommended for 2 people. You can paddle alone if you are proficient enough. If you’ve never canoed before, we do not recommend paddling alone.

Believe us, if you leave it to one person to pull their weight it may not be smooth sailing.

Unfortunately our canoes are not equipped for someone on crutches/mobility scooter/wheelchair. We do have other activities you can enjoy, please contact us directly to discuss.  

No, no, no… well, yes. (But no!)

White Water Rafting

The weight restrictions limitations are based on our safety equipment sizes. Please contact us for more information on this.

Summer levels are Grade 2 or Grade 3. Winter Grade 3… sometimes Grade 4.

Summer levels are Grade 2 or Grade 3. Winter Grade 3… sometimes Grade 4.

Yes! White Water Rafting is available for all abilities. We will provide you with the correct safety equipment to keep your heads above water. 

And our guides are on hand to support throughout the journey. 

As standard, a full raft is 6 people and 1 guide. Rafts on public sessions will be a mix of individuals and groups, Private Rafts will be only for the group that has booked them.

We have a weight limit of 18 Stone, please contact us for sizing information regarding buoyancy aids. 

Stag/Hen Weekends

No, there is no power onsite, we recommended that individuals bring their own battery pack to charge any electrical devices.

No. You will have your own private stretch of river to enjoy; for washing, swimming, frolicking

Yes, as part of our aim to be environmentally friendly we use eco toilets.

We provide drinking water that is topped up daily.

No, you are required to use your own transport to and from your site and the activities.

Yes. As well as our standard weekend packages we also offer an option to create your very own bespoke weekend. One day, or seven days… you pick the length of your package and the activities you wish to include and we look after the rest.

For our standard weekend packages the accommodation is a selection of Bell Tents, which include lighting, floor matting and entrance matting. Sleeping Bags and Roll Mats can be hired on request. We don’t have camp beds or air beds for hire.

The minimum number for a weekend event is 8 people; you can book a weekend with 6 people, and the overall cost will be for 8 people with the total being split equally. The maximum group number we could accommodate is 48 people… we could increase this if needed.

Seasonal Information

Our winter season starts around the end of October/beginning of November and runs through until March/beginning of April. During the winter months we run Whitewater Rafting and Aqueduct Canoe Tour Experiences during the weekends our Public Activities, and we will run any activity during the winter for Private Groups of 6 or more, on any day.

Our summer season starts end of April / beginning of May and runs through until end of September / beginning of October.

Local Information

Llangollen has a range of fantastic hotel/BnBs in a variety of price ranges!

Llangollen Hostel, Wild Pheasant Hotel & Spa, Three Eagles, The Hand… & AirBnB have a wild selection of independent and family owned properties worth looking at as well. 

Again Llangollen has a huge range of places to eat, all different cuisines and price ranges. 

Some of our recommendations would be: Three Eagles, The Corn Mill, Riverbanc, m’Eating Point… 


You can redeem your BMA Voucher online through our website, or we can process this over the phone/email.

Gift Cards


You can redeem your Virgin Experiences Voucher via the Virgin Experiences website, email directly to BMA or over the phone.


Yes, you can pay separately for other attendees. Or a BMA voucher can be redeemed for the quantity on the card. Contact us to book additional people. 

Vouchers are valid for 12 months, if there are difficulties or problems in booking with BMA then please contact our team directly.

All other vouchers are governed by the Terms & Conditions of the affiliate they are purchased through.

BMA Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, all other Vouchers are subject to the Terms & Conditions of the affiliate. The expiry date of your voucher is the last day the activity can be booked on, not the date the booking is made.


Yes, we love supporting local charities and organisations, contact us directly to discuss. 

Yes, we enjoy taking part in events and supporting charities/organisations, contact us directly to discuss. 

Job Opportunities

Get involved, take part in some activities that have your interest, see if you like it, get qualified, get more qualified, get experience, find some work.

Contact us directly, email, phone call and we will start the interview process.

If you have any further questions or require any more information then please contact us directly here.