Whisky, canoeing and wild camping

Whisky, canoe and wild camping

Scottish whisky & canoeing expedition
First nights campsite on one of the northern islands of Loch Awe

A 4-day Scottish whisky & canoeing expedition, paddling on the stunning Loch Tay. This canoeing adventure lets you explore the great wilderness Scotland has to offer. We will take you on exhilarating days on the loch, wild camp in stunning locations.  You will eat great food cooked on the fire and explore some of Scotlands finest whisky. With at least one trip to a local distillery.

Day 1 – Scottish whisky & canoeing expedition

After the first meeting at the pickup point, we start the adventure with a visit to a local distillery. Tullibardine Distillery is located just off the A9. Here we enjoyed the tour and tried a few drams. The next stop is the entry point for our journey. Our first task is organising the equipment and packing the boats ready for departure. The first days paddle to camp was a short one focusing on getting used to tandem canoeing. The evening was spent setting up camp making a cosy place to sleep. Then lighting the fire getting it ready to cook dinner on.  Most evenings are spent exploring the local area, sharing stories and sipping whisky to see us through the night.

Scottish whisky & canoeing expedition
The boys at the Tullibardine Distillery.

Day 2

The morning start is a regular routine of cooking breakfast, drinking coffee. Once warmed up we break camp and get ready for the next leg of our journey. The day is spent on the lake exploring the shores and inlets of the Loch. As well as developing our canoe skills and techniques. We will teach all there is to know about expedition paddling. From paddle strokes, trim, sailing and navigation. By the end of the trip, you will leave a more confident open water paddler.

Throughout the day we stop to explore the lakeside, try catching fish and generally see what the weather has in store for us. Once at camp we go through a similar routine as the first night. Each night there will be workshops on bush and survival skills. With activities such as whittling to play with throughout the evenings.

Scottish whisky & canoeing expedition
The boys on the lake making our way to camp.

Day 3

The third day will be much like the previous, giving you a chance to lose yourself in the wilderness. Getting fully emersed in the adventure with your friends. You will have time to hone your skills on the water, and while at camp. Feeding on the years of experience our staff have gained to guide and teach you all the way.

Day 4

The last day is always bittersweet for me, it is sad to be finishing the expedition.  However, Its always great to have a shower followed by heading to the local Inn for meal and pint. Once we have broken camp, we arrive be back at the start point around noon. We then head to another local distillery to pick up a souvenir. On our last night, we visit the local tavern sharing stories our trip and dancing the night away to a local Kaley.

Scottish whisky & canoeing expedition
Preparing the stew for the evenings’ meal

The Whisky Explorer

The trip has taken on a new name “The Whisky Explorer“. It is also now mainly run on Loch Awe near the west coast close to Oban. If you would like to see what this trip look like watch our video or check out the latest blog.