The Blob

The Blob

THE BLOB!!!!! Imagine an enormous pillow of air on the lake with you, the passenger, sat at the far end whilst your friends at the opposite end get ready to jump from height in order to send you into the Stratosphere.




The Blob is a new and unique activity, we will have you flying through the air splashing into the water. This is great for groups as it is just as much fun to watch as it is to take part.

What is the blob?

Our blob is one of the world largest, it is an inflatable pillow that floats on the surface of the water. The jumpers jump off the platform or ledge as instructed and land correctly onto where X marks the spot. The blobber will already be in position at the end of Blob waiting for lift off. Once the jumpers land on the X the transfer of energy explodes the Blobber off into the air landing in the water. Meanwhile, the rest of the group watches and cheers on.

You will be given all safety equipment and briefing by BMA experienced instructors making your session unforgetable.


  • 3-hour session
  • all safety equipment to be provided.
  • SUP’s and canoes are provided for waterside viewing.
  • Photo’s taken throughout the trip.
  • expert briefings and instructions given be qualified and experienced instructors.


If you would like any more information or would like to book onto any of our adventures, please get in touch with us via email.

Our team will endeavour to reply within 48 hours.