5 things that make Bearded Men Adventures North Wales stag dos GREAT

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Five things that make Bearded Men Adventures North Wales stag dos great

Here at Bearded Men Adventures, it is our passion to make every one of our Welsh stags and hen weekends an unforgettable experience. We want you leaving with memories and stories that you will share for a long time. Below I have put together five things that make us really stand out from the crowd.

Our welcome and hospitality

The first night of the stag, with the group settling in with our own BMA quiz…good times had by all.

We can’t wait for you to arrive and look forward to welcoming you with a drink and a smile, so you can relax into your stay with us. We always have cold beers on hand for when your group arrives with Jason or I there to greet you in person. We make sure that the BBQ is on and prepared so the food is ready for when you want to eat. We make sure there is a great selection of games to help kick start your weekend, whether it’s the famous Austrian nail game or beer pong – we have got you covered.

Check out our Tripadvisor reviews if you need any more convincing.

It’s all about the planning and we do it all for you

Throughout your Bearded Men Adventure stag weekend in Wales, our aim is for you to have the best time and make sure we plan the weekend out so that you can party hard, enjoy all the activities that we put on as well as having time to relax and recuperate so you can last the whole weekend.

We pride ourselves on thinking of everything so you don’t have to.

We plan out each weekend focusing on the needs of your group and can be flexible when needed. We know the best places to eat and drink, when you’ll need a taxi and when to have breakfast ready to get you going again in the morning. This is so you can fully relax and enjoy your whole weekend.

Our incredible activities

  • River tubing Bearded men adventures
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  • IMG-20190722-WA0002
  • IMG-20190722-WA0009
  • Coasteering with bearded men adventures.jpg
  • Bearded men adventures coasteering group. JPG
  • Canyoning with Bearded Men Adventures 2 (1)
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  • Whisky, Canoeing & Wild camping – 4 Day Wilderness Experience

We run the best activities on offer in North Wales, led by some of the best and experienced instructors you could wish for. This is what sets us apart from the crowd knowing you will be guided by a very enthusiastic instructor always looking to give you the best possible time. All you need to do is choose which activity you want from our great selection.

Check out all our Bearded Men Adventures Activities here.

Our Locations and accommodation partners

Accommodation is important and we have a great variety to choose from.

We can take you wild camping in the woods,  next to lakes and rivers, in the mountains or on the beach watching the sunset – all giving you and your friends time to get back to nature and reconnecting in a truly unique way.

If you like camping but don’t want to rough it, choose our boutique camping option. We have three great private locations in Wales one by the river, one in the mountains and one on the coast. We provide bell tents, fire pits, fully catered, and space for you to make as much noise as you please.

If you want a roof over your head we understand and have great relationships with bunkhouses, hostels, hotels and self-contained holiday lets for all types of budget. These links give you a good example of a few we work with; Horseshoe Pass Holiday LetsCoed-y-Glyn log cabinsLlangollen hostel, and The Wild Pheasant hotel.

Our unique twists on the weekend

We like to make it interesting, we always try and come up with ideas to make each stag and hen weekend unique.  We have a variety of different adventures.  All you need to do is choose how you want your weekend to go to.

Our Zero to Hero Stag, a very different weekend where everyone is in it together through the trials and tribulations of wild camping in an unknown location at the beginning ending up in luxury.

Our Wet and Wild weekend, which is the most popular of all our Stag weekends. We look after you throughout this action-packed few days fitting in great activities, staying in great accommodation, and being able to enjoy a local night out with the famous BMA scavenger Hunt helping to make it an unforgettable night.

Our Scottish Whisky, canoeing and wild camping adventure, Where we take you on an unforgettable adventure on Scotland’s impressive Loch Awe. You will enjoy a tour of Oban distillery, learn how to canoe and camp under the stars for three nights on this epic adventure.

Or let us design you an adventure weekend unique to you and your group. Jason and I love to turn a crazy idea into an unforgettable experience. Get in touch and help guide it into reality.

Top 5 Stag weekend ideas for adventure activities in Wales

Top 5 Stag weekend ideas for adventure activities in Wales

Here at Bearded Men Adventures, we love a wet and wild Welsh, adventure weekend so have compiled our Top 5 stag do activities available in Wales. We think these activities are a great way to make your adventure stag weekend last long in everyone’s memories. They are guaranteed to get everybody’s adrenaline levels elevated. 

Check out our top 5, hand-picked Welsh adventure activities you could choose from for your unique stag weekend.

#5 Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is an exhilarating adventure sport that is fun for all ages and abilities. This activity is filled with well-instructed skills and challenging games that will leave the whole group in fits of laughter. You can explore the canals and rivers of Llangollen, lakes of Snowdonia or the beautiful beaches on the west coast of Wales and Anglesey. Check out the links to gain more insight into what this great activity has to offer.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Bearded Men Adventures
Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Our Friends at Stand Up Paddle Boarding UK will set you up with everything you need to have a great adventure on the water. To see what you can be getting yourself into check out their latest video This Is SUP.

#4 River Tubing

River Tubing is a one-of-a-kind activity allowing you to run the exhilarating rapids of the River Dee in North Wales with all your friends with very little competence or skills needed. The Bearded Men instructors will guide you down the river in an engaging, safe way that will leave you wanting more. The half-day river trip combines running rapids, group games, and river surfing. Again check out the links to gain more insight into what this great activity has to offer.

Tubing, Bearded Men Adventures, Wales
Tubing in Llangollen, Wales

River Tubing with  Bearded Men Adventures is a unique activity check out our video to see what it’s all about River Tubing @beardedmenadventures.

#3 Coasteering 

This is the perfect activity to clear the head after a fun night, you will be all in it together exploring the rugged welsh coast of Angelsey Coasteering. Coasteering provides you with challenging scrambles, spectacular scenery, discovering the sea from an aspect you would have never seen, exploring caves and of course jumping off big jumps. A Welsh stag weekend by the sea…Can you ask for anything more?

Check out the links to gain more insight into what this great activity has to offer.

Taking the leap from the big jump, Coasteering, Wales
Taking the leap from the big jump with Bearded Men Adventures 

Coasteering with  Bearded Men Adventures is a unique activity check out our video to see what it’s all about Coastering @beardedmenadventures.

#2  Bodyboating 

Bodyboating is a revolutionary water sport that combines elements of surfing, kayaking, and swimming. The boats are designed to be used by anyone of any skill level. They can be used in the sea on a lake or down a river. Just lie down, paddle with your hands, and hold on through the rapids! Check out the links to gain more insight into what this great activity has to offer.

Our friends at BodyBoating are the only providers of this unique water sport in the UK! They will set you up with everything you need to have a great adventure on the water. To see what you can be getting yourself into check out there latest video Body Boating In North Wales.

#1 Canyoning

Canyoning brings the extreme to your stag weekend, with the biggest jumps, slides, and abseil’s in spectacular locations that will blow your mind. Bearded Men Adventures will guide you through the canyon with enthusiasm and humour. We will take you on an adventure you will never forget. Check out the links to gain more insight into what this great activity has to offer.

Canyoning Bearded Men Adventures
Bearded Men Adventure Stag sliding off the big waterfall in the canyon.

Canyoning with  Bearded Men Adventures is a unique activity check out our video to see what it’s all about Canyoning @beardedmenadventures.

We hope this has inspired you to think of one or two activities to include in your adventure stag weekend in Wales.

Our Biggest Adventure Stag Weekend North Wales

Our Biggest Adventure Stag Weekend North Wales

  • Bearded men adventure wales stag weekend
  • 20190712_210802
  • Chilling at camp
  • The bearded men adventures with the main man Chris on his stag do
  • The group suited and booted

3-day adventure stag weekend with camping in bell tents

It’s not unusual for us to host large stag and hen weekends full of adventure, but last weekend was our biggest stag yet, with over 30 friends getting together to take part in the 3-day adventure near Llangollen.

Arriving on the Friday evening, at base camp, we provided evening games including archery and axe throwing to get things started, plus our legendary big welcome BBQ. Our tailor-made welcome evenings provided an opportunity for everyone to catch up, settle into their Bell Tents (home for the weekend) and relax into the celebrations.

For this legendary stag weekend the group chose white water rafting (6 per raft), canyoning and coasteering which we split across the two days.

Adventure stag weekends for large groups

Watch the highlights from the weekend here.

Here at Bearded Men Adventures we custom build you the most exciting & adventurous Stag or Hen weekend you could hope for. We provide everything from activities, accommodation, food and drink, hosted by our founders Jason and Hugh. We work with you every step of the way to plan, organise and run your unique trip – so you have none of the hassle.

Find out more about our tailor-made stag and hen weekends here.

Whisky, canoe and wild camping

Whisky, canoe and wild camping

Sun setting on the final day at Loch Tay

4-day wilderness canoe adventure, paddle on the waters of either Loch Shiel, Loch Tay and Loch Awe. This canoeing adventure gives you wild and exhilarating days on the Loch, wild camping in stunning highland locations, eating great food and exploring some of Scotlands best distillery’s.

Day 1

After first meeting at the pickup point we will start the adventure with a visit to a local distillery, here we will take a tour a try a few drams. The next stop is the entry point for our canoes; we will first organise the equipment, pack the boats ready for departure. First days paddle to camp will be a short one focusing on getting used to tandem canoeing. The evening will be spent setting up camp, lighting the fire and cooking & eating dinner, with the usual evening activities of exploring the local area, sharing stories and sipping whisky to see us through the night.

The team at Tullibardine Distillery whilst on one of our recon missions

Day 2

The morning start is consists of cooking breakfast, drinking coffee and breaking camping ready for the next leg of our journey. The day will be spent on the lake exploring and developing your canoe skills and techniques from paddle strokes, trim, sailing and navigation. Throughout the day will stop to explore the lakeside, try catching fish and generally see what the weather has in store for us. Once camp we will go through a similar routine as the first night, with the addition of learning to clean and cook fish over the fire. Each night there will be workshops on bush and survival skills with activities to play with throughout the evenings.

The boys on the lake making our way to camp.

Day 3

The third day will be much like the previous, giving you a chance to lose yourself in the wilderness and have a full on an adventure with your friends. You will have time to hone your skills on the water, and while at camp, feeding on the years of experience our staff have gained to guide and teach you all the way.

Day 4

The last day you be left sad to be heading home however likely looking forward to a shower. Once we have broken camp, we aim to be back at the start point driving away by noon. You then have the option of heading to another local distillery to pick up a souvenir, and even spending one last night in a local tavern sharing stories of your trip and dancing the night away to a local Kaley. However, heading home is always an option you decide.

Preparing the stew for the evenings meal